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Year of Swift

Posted January 13, 2022 · 1 min read.

Happy 2022 everyone.

A new year and a new language to learn, this time being swift. Why am I learning swift? because I've made it my mission to rid my workplace of our cross-platform mobile app and make it native. The transition to native Android is almost there, so this gives me time to learn swift to be ready for that transition.

Now one nice thing is that Swift and Kotlin have a similar syntax that makes learning Swift easy.

There are some oddities in learning Swift, such as the fact that you use nil instead of null and also that there are no namespaces in Swift. Having all that in mind, it's not a bad little language when you consider that for the longest time of Apple development you were forced to use Objective-C, which I find to be a truly awful language based on the chunks I've had to look at while learning things for Xamarin.iOS

I look forward to my learning and tackling yet another new language, though I can safely say after learning Swift, I'll probably be done learning any new languages for a while.

As I get better with things in Swift, I'll try to write an article about it to help other newly minted Swift developers figure out things.