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Posted September 20, 2019 · 2 min read.

Hello, welcome to my portfolio website.

This website will serve as a place where I can showcase my work, and post articles on technologies I'm working with to help other developers figure out solutions to problems I encountered. I'll also post an opinion piece on technology from time to time.

Currently, I'm working on a couple things, one is a mobile app for my work,we're using Xamarin Native to build it as we're a .NET shop. I'll be sure to post some xamarin-related post in the near future as I've encountered some walls in my time working on the app, but I'm enjoying it a lot, and I'm looking forward to doing more Xamarin work in the future.

Side note, I have done some native android, and I do generally enjoy it, but I do like cross platform solutions like Xamarin as I think from a business value perspective, it's nice to have a sharable chuck of code (mainly, business logic) and I honestly wished Google and Apple would work together on making a language-neutral framework that both platforms could use, but I don't see that happening so thankfully we do have options for those of us who don't want to rewrite logic twice.

In my spare time outside of work, I'm working on various things. I'm currently working on a couple fun projects, one is a PHP wrapper for Digital Ocean's spaces api. There's not a whole lot of decent PHP wrappers for the spaces api, all of them uses the AWS sdk which in my opinion is super heavy for just needing the S3 component. Mine is going to be leaner and not rely on AWS SDK, removing a lot of weight.

I'm also working on a mongo wrapper for PHP, there's really one main player in the game, and it's a heavy and outdated one (though they are currently updating it, but it's still too heavy in my opinion). You can probably tell by now I don't like heavy solutions in my work, I strive for light solutions and something that's simple and not overly complex. That one is currently released and available to use.