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May 2023 website update

Posted On 2023-05-20

Hello there,

It was a very busy 2022 for me, with porting over my companies mobile app to native, I finally finished it up this winter and because of that, they even hired me some extra help, yay!

Now that I've moved our mobile app to a more stable codebase, they moved me over to a different project within the company, working with Vue.js & PHP.

Don't worry, I'm still playing with mobile, just in a smaller dose these days. I'm looking to learn SwiftUI & Composer, both of which look much cleaner and I argue the future of mobile UI design, I'm hoping I can influence my company to let us switch to it once I feel good enough to sell it.

On the website end, I've upgraded the code from vue 2 to vue 3, something that was going to need to happen and also good practice for when I get my new project moved over to vue 3. I also added dark mode support to the website, so if you have your computer or mobile device set to dark mode, you'll see a darker experience.

Personally, I've decided since I've learned a dizzying amount of programming languages (8 total), I thought I'd try learning a new language, specifically Japanese. Why Japanese? because anime, seriously. I thought if I'm going to learn a language, it has to be something I'm going to actually use or why bother learning it, and lately I've been watching anime as a means to relax after a busy day of programming.

I'm only three months into this, so nothing concrete yet, mostly just know a few random words and greetings and how to say my own name in Japanese, but this should be a nice challenge for myself and only time will tell when or if I'll be close to being at a point where I can speak Japanese well enough to actually hold a conversation in Japanese.

I am looking into working on a personal project soon, but currently nothing is in the works. I just need to really think through what I want to do, I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone yet. It'd be something that could have a mobile piece as well as a web piece so I'm using all of my skills to keep them fresh and strong.