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Made my first binding for xamarin

November 2, 2019

On a current project I'm working on at work required me to break into a new xamarin skill.

I was looking for a library that'd let me crop and rotate an image when a user changed their profile photo from the app.

I had a difficult time as what I was finding was either old and looked abandoned or it didn't fit my needs, then I found uCrop, it fit all my needs and looked to be maintained by the creator.

My next issue was finding a Xamarin binding, which there are some but they all seem to be outdated and I like bindings that keep up with the latest stable release, so I took it upon my self to make my own binding for uCrop and it's up for all to use on NuGet.

Check it out and enjoy, I plan to keep it aligned with the uCrop release and the moment I get notified about a new version, I'll be making an updated binding for the community. I enjoyed this so much, expect to see more of these coming from me.

One that I'm looking to do once I have time is an iOS binding for IQKeyboardManager as the current one is vastly outdated and the maintainer isn't in a rush to update it. I would have motivation in keeping it up to date as my app uses it and I like to use the latest stable version for anything I use.