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Posted November 27, 2019 · 1 min read.

I'm on a roll, made another Xamarin binding, this time one I was talking about a new articles ago, IQKeyboardManager.

Those not knowing what I'm talking about, The current Xamarin binding for IQKeyboardManager is more or less abandoned. The group that published it has stopped updating it and requests for updating it have gone unanswered.

With that, I took upon myself to make one that's going to be maintained regularly, you can get it on nuget.

This was a little more challenging than the TOCropViewController binding, mainly because it had resources and had a lot of extensions to core iOS objects, but it was overall worth the work to have the latest version of IQKeyboardManager available for my iOS app.

I don't have any other bindings on my wish list at the moment, but once I stumble upon a library that I want to use and don't find a maintained or existing binding, I'll be there to fill that need.

Hope you guys enjoy this and my other bindings and hope they make your app just a little more awesome.