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Exciting new mobile projects

Posted On 2020-11-16

Hope everyone is staying safe and productive in these uncertain times, me, I'm in the initial stages of working on a new project.

I'll for sure be discussing it in more details as it get closer to be a tangible thing, it's something I've been wanting to work on ever since I wanted to get into the mobile space, but things got in the way.

With me being 100% in mobile development at work, this has presented the opportunity for me to finally make this a reality, especially with me now having experience in the whole process of making a mobile app.

The great part will be, I can play around with things I want to try out, but may not be a good fit for my mobile project at work.

I'm still very much debating if I want to make this app available on iOS or just focus on Android for now. The big blocker for me is the large entry price to place your app in Apple's store; 99 bucks is a lot to invest for a personal app compared to just shelling out 25 bucks for Android. I do have a used mac mini which is honestly the biggest expense in the whole iOS development setup.

What is the app?

It's a simple bill management app.

Why that?

For me, I always look to solve a problem I have when I want to work on something new, and keeping track of all my bills is such a problem. The apps I see on Android look kinda meh and dated to me, I also don't want something that knows everything about my fiances so that's why I want to make my own.

I'm currently in the design phase where I'm getting an idea of how I want it to look, I should be getting to coding soon after that.

I'll keep you informed on things and when you can expect to see it in the app store (or stores if I decide to bite the bullet on iOS).

Hope everyone stays safe and have a safe thanksgiving next week for those who celebrate it.